Magic is the art of the impossible, I have always wanted people to see the artistic part of magic, in this experience you will be able to see my magic from a more attractive point of view, you will be able to get in touch with your most sensitive side and enjoy small miracles , always accompanied by a great dose of humor. Many illusions are waiting for you!


Since we were little we have been attracted to the irrational, to the impossible. We like to analyze everything that surrounds us and have the explanation of everything that we do not understand, but … what if there was no explanation? What if what we do not understand were like this? Was it impossible? So that would be Magic. Cross the line of reality and enter a world where everything is possible. I invite you to cross that line and enjoy life being on the other side, forgetting about your worries, and letting yourself be carried away by a new way of seeing things. IS THE IMPOSSIBLE POSSIBLE? This is the name of my new show in which you will be able to enjoy appearances, disappearances, impossible trips, levitations, objects that break and are restored by magic, and many other things … Sit down, have a drink and enjoy! The rest is a thing of magic the MAGIC!


Ver para soñar es un espectáculo de magia familiar, ideal para niños de entre 3 y 200 años. Tes espero con juegos de magia clásica pero a la vez actual y atrevida. Viajes inesperados, escapes imposibles, apariciones, desapariciones, objetos que cobran vida… Todo esto y mucho más lo podrás ver y disfrutar en este espectáculo. Ver para soñar es un show familiar que nunca olvidaras!

sueños sin limite

Seeing to dream is a family magic show, ideal for children between 3 and 200 years old. I wait for you with classic magic games but at the same time current and daring. Unexpected trips, impossible escapes, appearances, disappearances, objects that come to life … You can see and enjoy all this and much more in this show. Seeing to dream is a family show that you will never forget!


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